Call for papers

            The universities of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle and Paris 7-Denis Diderot are organizing an international conference on the occasion of the centennial of John Cage’s birth which will take place in September 2012. The conference seeks to explore the links between John Cage and France through the study of the central role played by France on the development of John Cage’s career as well as the role he has played in the major themes and issues that structured the postwar French art scene. The meeting points between Cage and France are numerous and testify to the seminal role France has played in the development of his artistic practices. France opened Cage to modernism through, for example, the transatlantic figure of Gertrude Stein, and it pointed him beyond modernism when he discovered such figures as Artaud well before he was known in the United States.  Cage’s career as an avant-garde artist was shaped by the reception he found in  France, which contributed to his prominence by giving  him the space to develop his artistic philosophy. France favored the cultural exchanges that supported his art, and that art, in turned, operated as a model for French artists, who were laboring in the shadow of the European masters of modernism, to create more conceptual and performance-based work, though this influence remains to be fully explored

            Through this double angle, the conference seeks to explore the transatlantic dialogue which developed around the seminal figure of John Cage in the second half of the twentieth century. The object of the conference is to see how the links between John Cage and France mirrored, in reverse, the transatlantic dialogue inaugurated by Duchamp in the first half of the century.


Dates : from September 20 to 22nd 2012

Suggested topics: cultural history, music, poetry, philosophy, visual arts, performance arts, translation.


Abstracts, in English or French, are to be sent by March 30th, 2012 to Antoine Cazé and Antonia Rigaud